HOPCO Classified Ads - HOW THEY WORK

WHAT'S HERE ?   These listings are primarily for items of interest to electronic enthusiasts and professionals. Items like test equipment, power-supplies, circuit boards, fabrication tools, components, and novel or useful equipment are very desirable. However, anything may be listed. Once a number of similar items appear they will be moved to a separate area of their own.

IT'S EASY !   Simply fill out the SUBMITTAL FORM.   Your ad will be prepared within about a day. Then, for your protection, we'll email you for confirmation. Once we receive your okay, we'll post your ad. People will contact you directly via email.   The rest is up to you!

PLEASE !   Let us know by email when the item is sold so we can mark it as such and remove it from the list! Otherwise, you'll continue to be contacted about something you no longer have.   We also appreciate feedback from buyers, letting us know how the transaction went.

WARNING !   We reserve the right to edit or refuse listings at our sole discretion. Ads containing foul language will NOT be listed, and the submitter will be BARRED from listing here in the future.

We do not list "adult" items or anything illegal. We also make no representations as to the items offered or their offerers or potential buyers. We act as a listing service only, hopefully to turn "one man's junk into another man's treasure!"

Dealers and commercial firms are welcome at this time, provided they do not offer items which directly conflict with HOPCO products and do not overwhelm the listings. In such cases we may restrict the number of items listed.