FM Radio for PC

Here are a few uses for your FM Radio Card which you might not have thought of:

  • Normal FM Radio - Nothing novel here, but it is a super high-quality FM Radio!
  • Baby Monitor - Get a wireless microphone, set it to an unused FM channel, and monitor a baby or child's room.
  • Safety Monitor - Using a wireless microphone again, monitor the kids at the pool area or a workshop or garage for safety.
  • Security Monitor - Wireless microphones placed at entrance-ways can alert you to suspicious activity. See our scanning software below.
  • Nature Radio - Again, a wireless microphone is used. Place it near a bird feeder or babbling brook nearby your house and tune in to nature on your PC anytime!

We at HOPCO have developed SCANNING software to run with your FM Radio Card. This program works independently of the normal radio software, and scans as many channels/frequencies as you assign. It stops at each channel for a period of time you specify, and can loop forever or pause at one channel simply by hitting a key. With this software you can monitor many FM wireless microphones with one FM Radio Card, all under PC control.

Our scanning software also permits the FM Radio Card to tune a wider range than the OEM provided software. So you can listen to frequencies outside the normal FM band.

FMSCAN.exe program and FMRANGE.txt only $5.00 via Internet.

If there is sufficient interest expressed, we will make available software drivers so you can write your own programs (in any language) for controlling the FM Radio Card. Radio Amateurs might wish to alter the normal tuning range and monitor activity on local repeaters (carrier detect, not narrow-band audio). Or use the PLL section as a channelized local oscillator for other applications. Please let us know if you have an interest here.