FM Radio for PC

  • High quality FM Stereo Radio card for PC.
  • Reception range from 87.5 to 108 MHz.
  • Alarm Clock function with Sleep Button.
  • Software for DOS, Windows/ Win95.
  • Natural, easy-to-use Graphical Interface.

  • Stores 24 favorite stations.
  • Works with sound card.
  • Includes wire antenna, user manual and audio cable.
  • BRAND NEW, 90 day warranty.

As provided by the manufacturer, the audio output cable must pass through an opening on the rear your computer to reach the line input jack on the sound card. However, most computers are buttoned up tight as a drum, and they should stay that way for EMI protection. With the original card, about your only option was to remove the slot cover from an unused card-slot. That is, provided you have a spare slot! But this is not a good thing for EMI emissions. So we added a hole on the radio card bracket for the cable to pass through.

Also, our volume control works, by controlling the line-input level of your sound card, unlike radio cards provided by others!

Our optional SCANNING SOFTWARE permits you to continuously monitor any number of channels/stations and to pause/resume with the hit of a key. Our software also extends the tuning range of the radio beyond the normal FM band.