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About HOPCo

Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) has for the last 10 years delivered superior and consistent results by focusing on transforming the patient care experience and improving the practice of medicine. We are experts in orthopedic and musculoskeletal medicine and are therefore uniquely positioned to manage health system service lines and integrate physician practices across the country to enhance the healthcare experience for patients. We have developed an integrated suite of proprietary IT platforms, a robust and deployable infrastructure and standardized clinical protocols that have proven to help our partners meet the triple aim of reducing cost, improving outcomes and enhancing patient satisfaction. By managing the entire continuum of care from initial evaluation through surgery and recovery, we are experts in managing the risk on spend to ensure patients receive the right evidence-based care at the right time and in the right setting.  Our proven outcomes have led to unrivaled efficiencies and savings for our strategic partners.

Our seasoned executive team includes proven leaders in care transformation.  The integrated team includes physician leaders, former health system CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, payor executives and medical economics specialists with a track record of improving health outcomes and care delivery across varied regions and systems. We have the proven abilities to achieve significant operating efficiencies by providing administrative support systems; interacting with physicians, hospitals and third-party payors; managing information systems and technologies; managing payor risk and facilitating oversight of compliance with regulatory requirements.

We work in partnership with your existing administrative team to provide them with growth opportunities supported by a sophisticated business and operational infrastructure. HOPCo offers a suite of services that are tailored to the needs of health systems, payors or practices  that have been shown to:

  • Transform health system musculoskeletal service lines to achieve cost savings across the spectrum of value-based care programs as well as creating novel and advanced alternate payor models specific to the particular market.
  • Partner with insurance companies to provide members with cost-effective, high quality healthcare from top notch and accountable providers
  • Improve physician outcomes and increase volumes through the use of proven care protocols and a proprietary IT platform that, quality reporting systems, standardized evidence-based order sets, and clinical pathways
  • Ensure physicians can engage with and practice evidence-based medicine with constant feedback on performance, thus improving patient outcomes, ensuring appropriate length of hospital stays, improving profitability and reducing cost
  • Manage operations for orthopedic practices of all sizes in a turnkey manner so physicians can get back to the business of patient care

HOPCo is the only comprehensive program that has demonstrated to reliably and consistently bend the cost curve by comprehensively managing the spend on the entire continuum of musculoskeletal care.  If you are looking to manage risk, lower costs, improve outcomes and enhance your overall orthopedic operations, contact us today. When we partner with you, we take risk on our performance and our results and have a proven track record to effectively manage and optimize all aspects of the musculoskeletal diagnosis for health systems, payors and physician practices.