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Information Technology

Information technology is at the heart of a well-managed practice. HOPCo will ensure your technology tools are working for you.

HOPCo provides a full suite of information technology support services for medical practices developed by and for physicians. We have all the hardware and software you need to manage your practice within a safe, secure and reliable infrastructure. Our system is built on a robust, commercial scale with a doubly redundant backup system in two different data centers.

Our tools include a proprietary, physician-built electronic health record (EHR), quality reporting tools, smart phone applications and transparent data reporting.

Physician-built Electronic Health Records System

We can integrate with a practice’s existing EHR or offer a turnkey solution with the best musculoskeletal EHR system currently available. This physician-built record is intuitive and includes workflows developed by physicians with years of experience in orthopedic medicine.

The predictive analytics built into our EHR allow providers to identify patients who may require more resources due to potential complications. This is important when managing the cost of care at the population health level. We need to risk-stratify the population based on co-morbidities and other contributing factors to identify high-risk patients who may need greater care and cost more in dollars.

For example, our predictive analytics tool for SNF (skilled nursing facility) utilization has successfully reduced SNF usage because it alerts the care team to patients likely to need this service. In a five hospital project HOPCo was able to reduce SNF usage from 22% to just under 10% in a four-month period for a cost savings of $2.5 to $3.5 million.

Quality Reporting Tools

Our technology tools enable physicians to deal with an ever-increasing degree of complexity and regulation in the healthcare environment. CMS and insurance companies are requiring physicians to participate in a wider array of quality metrics. These reports are hardwired into our information technology system, and we submit the reports for you. This reduces the need for your staff to manually manage data collection and allows them to get back to the business of patient care.

Practices have access to their quality data in real time. HOPCo quality specialists provide tips and tools to improve outcomes when necessary, a service many practices are not able to provide on their own.

Other Technology Tools

Our suite of custom-built tools makes the delivery of best practice care consistent and achievable. Our quality and performance based tools are available to providers either on their mobile devices through customized apps in order to allow this consistency wherever the point of care may occur.

Performance metrics

The transparent technology system provides a series of provider performance metrics that include standards adherence, clinical behaviors and level of complications. In parallel with the EHR system, our provider assistance tools can increase physician productivity and enhance clinical decision making. Practices can compare outcomes within their practice and nationally with HOPCo practices and other national data bases.

Join the technology revolution with proven tools that will enhance your practice performance, improve outcomes and reduce costs and complications.