Drive consistent quality and reduce variation with the HOPCo quality platform

HOPCo offers a unique set of quality tools that allow physician practices to standardize care and achieve or surpass expected outcomes. From comprehensive databases to convenient mobile apps, we can help your practice provide high-quality, top-tier patient care.

Our quality platform is based on a foundation of standardized clinical pathways proven through extensive evidence and research. HOPCo’s goal is that all patients should have the same comprehensive experience; however, deviation is built in when patients fit better on different algorithms. Our EHR- agnostic tools and application guide providers through the pathway to achieve expected outcomes. When unexpected outcomes do occur, our extensive database can help identify the cause and what needs to be altered to ensure the expected outcome.

HOPCo offers many quality applications for physicians to choose from. Some can be linked to the chosen electronic health record while others stand alone. Below is a synopsis of a few of our quality tools.

  • Mobile Device Applications with access to standardized pathways and protocols available at your fingertips
  • Quality Database, providing tracking of complications and trending

To learn more about how HOPCo can help your practice meet its quality goals, contact us