Bundled Payment Initiatives

The HOPCo Advantage

As an organization that is surgeon led and business expert managed, we have extensive experience working with surgeons, health systems, payors and other continuum stakeholders to implement and successfully manage bundled payment programs. Through our years of experience, we have built a turnkey model, inclusive of performance analytics and the ability to manage episodes of care – a model that can be easily implemented within physician practices or health systems. Three key components of our model include data analytics, stakeholder alignment, and care redesign.

Our Results

Our physician partners experience significant savings while improving quality after implementing the HOPCo bundled payment platform. These results include an increase in discharge to home after surgery combined with reduced readmissions rates, and shorter lengths of stay and reduced complication rates. These culminate in reliably improved outcomes for patients and significant savings for participating physicians.

Focused on Solutions

HOPCo also works with commercial payors to take risk for bundled payments. For payors, we provide the opportunity to preplan the cost of orthopedic procedures for members. Insurance plans have confidence in our proven model and ability to develop networks of providers who provide proven high-quality, cost-efficient care and manage the care experience from beginning to end.

HOPCo is one of the largest conveners of orthopedic bundles in the U.S. Our comprehensive programs continue to achieve outstanding results in episode efficiency and quality outcomes.

Data Analytics

We utilize outcomes metrics, payor data sets, claims analytics, our database of national best-practice and benchmark data, as well as proprietary physician and patient engagement tools to develop a customized and cost-effective, high-quality bundled payment program that reduces the total episode cost. Since many of these government metrics are significantly delayed, we have developed a thorough set of leading indicators that are reviewed with all key stakeholders on a monthly basis that enable constant adjustments and improvement – before results from the payor are available and opportunities for improvement have passed.

Care Redesign

Our evidence-based protocols are tailored for the bundled care model and, when implemented, reduce unnecessary variation of care and associated costs while creating a sustainable model across the care continuum. Our pathways and information systems assist providers and health systems in identifying patients who may fall out of the expected cost range due to one or more co-morbidities or factors and guide physicians to modify care or treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

Stakeholder Alignment

It is essential to align infrastructure and strategies to achieve success for bundled pricing. Our platform enhances the alignment of all members of the healthcare team so the power of the evidence-based care pathways can be fully realized. This results in providers, hospitals, post-acute organizations, and others working more closely to achieve the ultimate goal of better care coordination and overall care value.

Bundled payments can be tailored to find the best setpoint which meets the needs of an insurance plan’s member population and the physicians providing patient care.

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