Advanced Practice Management

HOPCo is the Largest Fully Integrated Orthopedic Practice Management Organization in the Country. 

HOPCo practice partners gain access to a fully integrated, turnkey and proven platform that increases practice profitability and develops new programs and partnerships that unlock revenues not traditionally available to physicians while maintaining physician independence.

An Advanced Platform Built For The Future

HOPCo’s approach has been to integrate all aspects of practice operations, quality reporting capabilities, financial performance, data analytics, value-based care programs and strategic growth to enable physician practices to coalesce around a solid and sustainable care delivery platform that is equipped today to engage in the future of MSK care delivery.

Uniquely Comprehensive. Fully Integrated.

Unmatched Results.

Strategic Practice Growth, Facilities & Ancillary Development

You have a true strategic partner with HOPCo who can help your practice capitalize on opportunities and lead tranformation in your market.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlining patient access, point of care, and medical billing processes. We help practices unlock performance.

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Integrated Tools & Analytics for Practice Optimization

Let our unique healthcare IT and analytics capabilities give you the data you need for unmatched visibility into your practice.

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Quality Outcomes Platform

Our proven infrastructure helps you measure and report your performance in more meaningful ways.

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Quality Payment Platform

HOPCo manages the complexities of quality outcomes reporting so that physicians are able to focus on patient care and more easily engage with quality-based initiatives.

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Medical Economics, Value-Based Care & Clinically Integrated Networks

Nobody has more experience in MSK value-based care. Our proven models help physicians be the value-based care champions for their region.

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Developed for MSK Physicians by MSK Physicians

As an orthopedic physician-led organization, we know well the intricacies of clinical practice and the importance of the clinical experience for both physicians and patients. HOPCo provides practice partners with a fully built, scalable and powerful Management Services Organization (MSO) infrastructure, a true partnership with teams of experts and capital for continued growth – all while physicians retain clinical autonomy.

Payor & Risk Contracting

HOPCo’s Medical Economics and Contracting teams are seasoned leaders and former payor C-suite executives who understand how physician performance and outcomes data should be reflected in contracting.

Finance & Accounting

Let HOPCo’s sophisticated Finance and Accounting teams streamline your financial performance and allow you to scale faster.

Marketing & Market Share Growth

Consistent throughout, HOPCo’s unique Marketing platform is data-driven.  It is powered by a suite of proprietary tools and provides real-time insights into what’s really happening in your market, allowing you to quickly capture it.

Legal & Compliance

All of your needs in one integrated and vetted program to ensure the critically important aspects of compliance and regulatory matters are in lockstep with your growth.

Human Resources

Human Resources is often under-resourced, but it shouldn’t be.  HOPCo integrates a proven HR platform to ensure your organization has best-in-class HR performance to more effectively solve challenges and grow.

Physician Recruitment & Integration

HOPCo’s dedicated Integration Team will allow your organization to quickly and correctly incorporate new opportunities while you scale.

Contact Center Optimization & Support

HOPCo’s systems improve scheduling throughput and accuracy to ensure patients see the correct provider as quickly as possible, while giving your operations team instant insights with real-time analytics.

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