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Revenue Cycle

Reduce claims denials and improve accounts receivables with our revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle is the financial process by which patient care episodes are tracked from registration to appointment and procedure scheduling to the final payment. Revenue cycle management brings together the business and clinical sides of practice management to ensure correct charge capture and reduce claims denials. Communication with insurance companies is key to a successful revenue cycle program. HOPCo provides a full suite of services for the management of the revenue cycle to our owned and managed practices.

Decreased denials by


Decreased days in accounts receivable by


Increased collections by


The HOPCo advantage

The revenue cycle starts before a patient’s first appointment. Our HOPCo team makes sure every patient call is answered timely and that patients are scheduled promptly for their initial evaluation. From there, we follow the patient through their care cycle, ensuring appointments are scheduled, all paperwork and referrals are completed, and charges are captured and billed timely.

The Revenue Cycle Process



collecting preregistration information including insurance coverage before a patient arrives for the first appointment



collecting additional information and patient co-pays at the first appointment to establish a medical record for the patient


Charge capture

rendering medical services into billable charges



properly coding each diagnosis and procedure


Third party follow-up

Collecting from insurance companies


Patient follow-up

Collecting balances and co-pays from patients

Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully reduced denials and improved accounts receivables for our physician practices. Practices receive a customized scorecard to monitor our progress in real time. Metrics include posted charges, payments, collection percentages, accounts receivables, denials, and more based on your practice-specific needs.

Our success ensures your success. Contact us today to learn how we can develop a successful revenue cycle management system for your practice. And learn more about our other services such as our proprietary electronic health record, claims analytics and practice management.