HOPCo Acquires MoonlightOrtho to Increase Patient Convenience and Expand Access to Musculoskeletal Care

Phoenix, AZ (January 3, 2024) – HOPCo (Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company), the leader in musculoskeletal (MSK) clinical outcomes management solutions and the country’s largest orthopedic value-based care organization, continues its digital health platform expansion with its acquisition of MoonlightOrtho. 

Founded in 2019 by orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Eisenhauer, MoonlightOrtho was the first to provide musculoskeletal care to patients through on-demand or asynchronous video telecommunication.  By incorporating MoonlightOrtho’s technology, patients will send video messages or ‘digital encounters’ to subspecialized MSK providers highlighting areas of pain, symptoms and other health indicators.  After an assessment, the MSK providers develop a treatment plan based on evidence-based, best-practice clinical protocols.  The easy-to-use platform allows patients to interact with expert MSK specialists at a time that is most convenient and time-efficient for them.  This will ensure patients are more quickly connected to the correct provider and help save unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits while also avoiding unnecessary time off work for routine issues.

“With this digital platform, we will more rapidly expand HOPCo’s ability to deploy our digital patient engagement platform to help align patients and providers around convenient interactions and best-practice clinical standards,” said Rina Vertes, FSA, MAAA, President of Value-Based Care for HOPCo.  “We know that many patients may be initially unsure if their symptoms are indicative of a true MSK condition or its acuity and, therefore, may delay or forego needed care or unnecessarily visit the ER for elective care.  By providing an easy-to-use resource to patients, their care can be expedited, appropriately monitored and expertly directed from a remote platform.”

“Following the pandemic, we have continued to see the increased utilization of on-demand care platforms and the willingness of patients to adopt these technologies,” added Dr. Damon Adamany, CMO of Value-Based Care for HOPCo.  “With these capabilities integrated, the comprehensive platform will not only serve as a convenience for patients but also as a way to increase health equity for those whose access to care is financially or geographically limited.”

The asynchronous video patient encounter capabilities are being consolidated into HOPCo’s unified and extensive digital health offering, which includes HOPCo’s msk.ai patient engagement and quality outcomes tracking platform.  Recently, HOPCo announced the acquisition of MyACTome, the only validated smartphone-based fall risk and frailty assessment platform that allows for patient risk stratification.  HOPCo’s proven digital health, patient engagement, injury prevention and interactive outcomes tracking platforms encompass a fully integrated clinical and analytics ecosystem that provides unparalleled clinical insights and power cost savings across the MSK care continuum.  Empowering providers with these tools, along with HOPCo’s clinically integrated networks and other value-based care programs, are unlocking additional value for patients and MSK savings for payors and risk-bearing entities. 

About Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo)
Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) is the national leader of integrated musculoskeletal value-based health outcomes management, practice management and health system service line management.  This includes comprehensive expertise across all MSK specialties, including orthopedics, spine, neurosurgery, hand, pain management, rehabilitation and neurology.  HOPCo’s integrated care, analytics, and facilities development and management platforms have proven to increase the quality of patient care while reliably reducing the total cost of care across the care continuum for practices, health systems and payors alike.  HOPCo’s affiliated payors, practices, and health systems successfully participate in highly efficient value-based contracting (bundled payments, chronic episodes of care initiatives, population health programs, and other advanced risk-based arrangements) utilizing HOPCo’s proprietary platforms, IT solutions, digital patient engagement platform, integrated analytics, and evidence-based comprehensive care pathways.  Visit www.hopco.com to learn more.


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