HOPCo Expands Into Nevada

This article orginally appeared in Orthopedics This Week

Phoenix, Arizona-based Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), in partnership with Reno, Nevada-based Spine Nevada, has announced the formation of HOPCo Nevada, a platform for musculoskeletal and vein care.

Founded in 2004, Spine Nevada is a multidisciplinary spine center with offices in Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City. The partnership includes Spine Nevada’s associated brands, Swift Urgent Clinic and Vein Nevada. Swift Urgent Clinic provides care for orthopedic, sports, and spine injuries. Vein Nevada provides minimally invasive treatment for venous conditions.

In the press release Spine Nevada President James Lynch, M.D. commented in part, “The addition of HOPCo’s impressive array of tools, experience, and teams will allow us to work even more closely with other physicians in the community and continue to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.”

HOPCo is a largely physician-owned healthcare management company. For the past decade, it has been expanding throughout the country. HOPCo Vice Chairman Jason Scalise, M.D. leads HOPCo’s efforts to expand into new and existing markets.

OTW spoke with Dr. Scalise about the partnership and its impact in Nevada. Dr. Scalise told OTW, “The HOPCo Nevada platform will partner with providers, health systems and payors throughout the state [Nevada] to create a comprehensive and integrated value-based care model for musculoskeletal health as we have done in other markets. These partners will utilize HOPCo’s proven clinical and quality infrastructure, operations infrastructure, proprietary IT [information technology] tools and claims analytics to increase access to care, improve patient outcomes while simultaneously lowering the total cost of care.”

Dr. Scalise continued, “HOPCo has already proven that this model can be successful in other markets throughout the country, but this is the first of its kind in Nevada. As a result, HOPCo continues in active discussions with multiple organizations in Nevada that are eager to participate and help champion these efforts as program partners.”