Our population health approach improves outcomes and streamlines service lines.

HOPCo is the only program in the country to provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal population health platform by uniquely managing all parts of the continuum of care. We will help you drive quality performance and improved patient outcomes, thus allowing the ability to very effectively manage population risk on spend. You can take advantage of our quality and operational platforms to manage the orthopedic population by improving the musculoskeletal health and decreasing unnecessary utilization of resources before acute care is needed and redirect care to the most appropriate site of service. Our strategies have proven results by aligning physicians throughout the community, decreasing costs and improving patient care and have led to much greater value for your health system, managed lives and community. This is an especially powerful program as downward pressure on inpatient volume and reimbursement is rapidly increasing.

We deliver service line strategies that expand beyond the walls of the hospital to all parts of the care model. Our model allows us to customize to an organization’s unique needs and situation while building upon standardized systems, tools and intellectual property developed over the past 15 years. We help you manage the orthopedic population by providing implementation, facilitation and the ability to quickly pivot throughout the entire continuum of care for the improvement of outcomes and services.

Health needs assessments

Hospitals and payors struggle to manage health needs assessments and population health initiatives. Typically, the focus is on developing a community needs assessment without the ability to implement its conclusions. In contrast, HOPCo facilitates a community needs assessment that focuses on improving the health of the population and partnering with community members to reliably impact optimal health to a degree not typically possible before.

Our musculoskeletal population health program takes into account the community needs assessment results by developing an orthopedic management plan to address those opportunities as well as the detailed steps to execute on them. This includes all aspects of the continuum of care from musculoskeletal wellness to prevention to treatment to recovery.

Partnering with Health Plans and Payors

HOPCo leverages its expertise in medical economics, implementing advanced alternative payor programs and relationships with payors at all levels across the nation to drive substantial savings on the at-risk spend while improving outcomes. Our proven results have been recognized by national payors and health systems alike to be at previously unobtainable levels with respect to the magnitude of savings, speed and efficiency of implementation and scalability.