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Clinically Integrated Network For Medical Groups

Joining a clinically integrated network allows healthcare providers to come together to align clinically by sharing information, to drive value to the patient through improved outcomes and efficiencies.

HOPCo is the premiere practice management company for the orthopedic population. We have experience and a proven track record in developing clinically integrated networks (CIN) within communities with diverse physician practices. By analyzing physician data for cost efficiency and quality of care, we can identify which independent physicians to invite participation in a CIN. The CIN then works with payors for improved efficiencies, performance based quality incentives and sustainable reimbursement.

A CIN requires a large and integrated infrastructure that is typically well beyond the reach of most physician practices.  However, HOPCo’s turnkey platform allows physician practices to rapidly engage and deploy the Network with HOPCo’s management expertise so as to maximize results.  The CIN rapidly becomes the high-value network into which payors and managed plans wish to plug into to access the highly reliable and cost-effective care.

As downward pressure on reimbursement continues to increase rapidly, a CIN is one of the few models which allows for revenues to reliably increase as care utilization and delivery is optimized.

HOPCo’s clinically integrated network models have reduced complication rates, decreased length of stay, dramatically increased discharge disposition to home, improved OR turnover, and increased OR on-time starts.

Our proprietary model of care management is the key to our success. This model includes a suite of services such as:

  • An entire suite of integrated IT solutions
  • Proven protocols, pathways, and order sets
  • Management of the orthopedic service line
  • All facets of practice management
  • A comprehensive medical economics and network management platform

Contact HOPCo today to learn how our model can benefit your practice.