Premier Orthopaedics Partners with HOPCo


This article originally appeared in Orthopedics This Week on May 25, 2022

Philadelphia-based Premier Orthopaedics has announced a partnership with Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) that will result in one of the largest integrated practice management platforms in the country.

Premier Orthopaedics is one of the biggest musculoskeletal practices in the state of Pennsylvania and in the nation. HOPCo is the largest national value-based orthopedic care platform organization in the country. The partnership will create an integrated collaboration between regional musculoskeletal (MSK) practices, health systems, and doctors.

“The landscape of orthopedic and spine care is shifting rapidly. Both payors and patients have placed an increased emphasis on outcomes and proven value,” said Premier Orthopaedics President Jeffrey Malumed, M.D. “We knew that HOPCo has spent more than a decade leading the shift to value-based care and has a proven model in multiple regions with multiple provider groups. Their expertise and infrastructure will allow us to be the driving force for change in a very dynamic market.”

Premier Orthopaedics has provided high quality, evidence-based care to patients across the greater Philadelphia region for over three decades. The company consists of more than 200 healthcare providers in 28 clinical locations, 17 physical therapy sites, in addition to urgent care, MRI, and surgical facilities.

We asked Premier Orthopaedics what set HOPCo apart from its competitors. Matt O’Malley, CEO of Premier Orthopaedics told OTW, “We were certainly impressed with their team of clinical and business subject matter experts. But one of the things that really set HOPCo apart was their ability to demonstrate, using our data, a clear, measurable and achievable strategy for growth and transformation in this market. Backed by their own data, and impressive results with their other MSK practice partners, their vision truly resonated with our physicians and leadership. No other potential partner came close.”

Premier Orthopaedics is HOPCo’s latest acquisition after entering into multiple other partnerships within the past year, including agreements in Florida, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. The company partners with payors across the country to offer a network of value-based care via its proprietary platforms, IT solutions, and integrated analytics. HOPCo’s expansion has included practices and health systems in more than 30 states to date. The company is a current national leader in the management of integrated musculoskeletal practices, value-based health outcomes, and health system service lines.

What other plans for expansion does HOPCo have for the remainder of the year? Dr. Wael Barsoum, President and Chief Transformation Officer for HOPCo, told OTW, “For physicians who are looking to explore strategic partnerships, they are recognizing that it is imperative to partner with organizations that truly have an established and integrated infrastructure and proven track record of success in practice growth and value-based care results; not just talking points. We are now seeing many groups pass on other opportunities for those reasons and are instead reaching out. As a result, we are positioned to expand in existing geographies across the U.S. that are strategic as well as new areas, and I suspect you will see some more announcements soon.”

Barsoum went on, “Another area for growth that we focus on is expanding partnerships with payors. This year, we launched the first of its kind statewide MSK population health program in Arizona as well as a statewide clinically integrated network in Florida. We continue to work with large national payors to replicate these programs into additional regions.”