Clinically Integrated Networks

Integrated and Uniquely Effective

HOPCo’s clinically integrated platform has proven to align physicians from diverse practices within a region to focus on delivering efficient and cost-effective care in a manner that has often been deemed elusive for specialty care. In this way, incentives are aligned amongst payors, providers, and health systems which leads to superior and sustainable results.

URAC Accredited 

The HOPCo Specialty Care Network is the only URAC-accredited MSK clinically integrated network in the country.

HOPCo’s MSK Clinically Integrated Networks engage all physicians in the region and have led to dramatic improvements in physician engagement, quality outcomes, and reduced costs.

Led by a distinguished team, with decades of experience as executives at leading healthcare companies, and supported by actuarial experts, analysts and national physician leaders, a proprietary claims analytics platform, years of national best-practice benchmark data and a team of in-the-field specialists to engage with all stakeholders and providers, HOPCo’s capabilities and proven track record of MSK network management has demonstrated the ability to deploy and manage specialized clinically integrated networks across regions. 

The HOPCo Specialty Care Network

HOPCo has also developed MSK value-based care networks in several states.  

HOPCo’s programs are supported by a differentiated Medical Economics team of nationally recognized MSK physicians and payor executive leaders. By participating in HOPCo’s value-based care networks, physicians are able to leverage its medical economics and actuarial teams, operational experts, and analytics infrastructure to gain rapid insights into patient outcomes, help improve clinical performance and unlock unique contracting and savings opportunities.

HOPCo’s platform enables physicians to immediately participate in meaningful value-based care programs in ways that can result in earned quality bonuses and can successfully elevate your practice’s ability to help lead value-based care initiatives in your region.

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These programs have enabled the collaborative networks to better               manage the total cost of MSK care and improve quality outcomes
for patients.

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