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Drive quality, operational and financial success with HOPCo’s proven service line management platform.

Service line management, much more than co-management, can help you drive quality, operational and financial success through our turnkey platform developed & implemented over more than a decade. Hospital systems across the nation seek our help in managing their orthopedic services lines because we know orthopedics – better than anyone. Our programs provide an unsurpassed management of the entire continuum of care for orthopedic patients from initial consultation through rehabilitation and beyond. When hospitals engage HOPCo, we work closely with all areas that impact the orthopedic service line from the OR, nursing, case management, physical therapy to culinary and more. You gain exclusive access to quality and operational platforms including centers of excellence, predictive analytics, outcomes-based modeling and process improvement efforts.

Our framework for orthopedic success drives results and outcomes operationally, financially and clinically. The engagement begins by establishing a partnership with the hospital and HOPCo leadership. A turnkey structure is implemented to focus on key strategies such as physician alignment, program development, market share capture, and payment reform (e.g. bundled payments and medical tourism). We initialize key performance indicators that we have developed over our extensive experience for every department that touches orthopedics and review them with you on a monthly basis and help implement the solutions to improve them. These indicators drive results by focusing and aligning all stakeholders on clinical care, patient education, customer service, productivity and growth.

HOPCo provides partner health systems a suite of services to manage the physician/hospital relationship. Here is what you can expect from a partnership with HOPCo and your health system.

  • Proven Results: We have proven success in managing orthopedic service lines across the country. Results include increased contribution margins and increased market share all while improving clinical indicators such as complication rates, OR turnover time, length of stay and readmission rates. This leads to decreased clinical variation, increased communication, lower costs and higher value to the health system. Furthermore, our partners have realized market share growth as a result of implementing our platform.
  • Physician Alignment: We partner with community physicians as well as hospital-based physicians to create alignment and engagement in your hospital and orthopedic program that we build. We create programs where physicians prefer to operate and where patients wish to receive their care, thus driving market share shifts.
  • Coordination: We create seamless workflows between all departments that touch orthopedic patients to ensure patients in your community choose your facility as their preferred destination.
  • Quality: Our data-driven approach ensures an effective feedback loop is provided to drive quality and operational performance. This performance is reported to the hospital leadership on a reoccurring basis.
  • Bundled Payments: Our extensive experience and success with bundled payments and other advanced payor models can be leveraged at your facility to develop and optimize such programs in the orthopedic space for continued success. HOPCo bundled payment results show a significant reduction in infections, readmission rates, and discharges to costly post-acute services.
  • Medical Tourism: Orthopedic procedures can attract people from around the world to the United States – and to your facility. Let us implement our medical tourism platforms to build volume for your orthopedic service line.

The Difference

HOPCo’s model is different. Traditional consulting models often result in limited long-term impact. Many consultants have a limited time on the ground, make recommendations and then leave for the next client. We are in it for the long haul. Our day-to-day collaborative management of your orthopedic service line with you ensures the bench strength and bandwidth you need to grow and evolve your program rapidly while sustaining the changes over time. As your landscape changes, our teams adjust with you. Our experience identifying the right quality and operational metrics, policies and programs drives quality and operational performance.

Why develop it on your own when you can leverage our years worth of experience and our proven model to accelerate the development of your most important service line?

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