Musculoskeletal Market Transformation Platform

HOPCo provides turn-key solutions for leading national health systems to disrupt and transform their musculoskeletal care programs.  Through our active leadership, innovative platforms, tools and programs, HOPCo works with health system partners to align stakeholders to improve operating efficiencies, financial performance and clinical outcomes.  HOPCo helps health systems lead the move into value-based care models.  When partnering with HOPCo, health systems have access to HOPCo’s proprietary suite of MSK Service Line Transformation offerings.

A Comprehensive Approach to Transforming Musculoskeletal Care in Your Market

Traditional consulting models often result in limited long-term impact. Often, consultants come in for a short period of time, make recommendations and then leave.  HOPCo is in it for the long haul as your true partner, not a consultant.  Through our unique approach, we ensure that our partners have the platform and the bandwidth to grow and evolve rapidly while sustaining change over time.

Proprietary Templated Care Pathways, Protocols & Education: HOPCo has spent the last decade developing evidence-based pathways, protocols and education that can be customized and expedite the adoption of standardization for your health system.

Tools and Data: Access to the most advanced analytics and EMR-agnostic decision support tools to aid hospital staff decision-making.

Boots on the Ground:  Service lines managed by an on-site facility team that includes service line administrators, lead physician assistants, medical director(s) and business analysts all supported by HOPCo subject matter experts from across the nation.

Physician Alignment:  HOPCo leads and creates an environment where surgeons love to practice medicine by providing financial incentives while building an interconnected relationship between the health system, community, and care-providers.  The service line program allows caregivers to be more efficient, allowing them to see more patients while also offering quality bonuses for hitting platform benchmarks. HOPCo employs nationally recognized and renowned orthopedic providers who can assist and coach surgeons to help them be successful in our programs.

Increased Brand Awareness and Market ShareHOPCo’s MSK marketing experts will develop a brand strategy and plan aimed at growing health system and brand dominance.

Market Specific Strategic Planning HOPCo’s experienced integration and market intelligence office will work with your team to develop a market appropriate strategy to increase market share and align with the highest quality partners.

Medical Economics and Payor Contracting:  HOPCo developed the first MSK capitation program in the U.S. and has value-based contracts with top national payors.  These arrangements are supported by HOPCo’s Medical Economics Team and data analytics platforms.  Health system partners can leverage these capabilities and expertise to structure agreements with payors for value-based programs, as well as higher fee-for-service rates.

Participation in MSK Clinically Integrated Network (CIN):  HOPCo works with health systems to develop CINs throughout the nation. Health systems share in CIN profitability as equity owners.


All of this work culminates in a population health strategy where HOPCo has a proven track record of assisting health systems to go “at risk” for MSK spend.  Utilizing HOPCo’s platform, health system partners successfully participate in full global risk on a capitated basis for all 26,000+ MSK diagnosis codes.  This is accomplished through HOPCo’s proprietary Medical Economics platform and a unique provider network management infrastructure that manages networks of leading MSK physicians specializing in all areas of MSK care.


Ready to Transform Your Market?

 For more information, contact the HOPCo MSK Market Transformation Team at or call 623.241.8618 to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting.