HOPCo creates new Southeast Specialty Care Network and selects Southeast Orthopedic Specialists as its first practice partner

Jacksonville, Florida (July 26, 2019) – Southeast Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) of Jacksonville, Florida, has partnered with Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the national leader in the delivery of musculoskeletal practice management and value-based care solutions, to become the first organization in HOPCo’s new Southeast Specialty Care Network, LLC. The new HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network is expected to increase efficiencies and reduce overall costs associated with common orthopedic treatments, resulting in better care and lower bills for patients.

The network offers a clinically integrated care platform for the Florida orthopedic care market incorporating HOPCo’s quality outcomes tracking analytics and software tools, proprietary claims analytics, and value-based care resources. With these tools in place, physicians receive real-time data, assuring the greatest likelihood of superior outcomes for patients while lowering costs for providers, hospitals, health insurers and the patients themselves. Combined, these systems and tools have been proven to help health care industry partners throughout the U.S. achieve superior clinical outcomes and cost savings.

“HOPCo’s model of driving down the cost of care while improving quality and aligning stakeholders has proven to be a win-win for providers, hospitals, payors, and patients alike,” said Jason Scalise, MD, HOPCo’s Vice Chairman and Director of National Physician Integration. “The HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network in Florida will catalyze the ability for musculoskeletal providers in Florida to clinically integrate, collaborate with payors and health system partners and drive great value for the patients throughout the region.”

SOS Chief Executive Officer, Donnie Romine will serve as the President of HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network. Mr. Romine called the partnership with HOPCo the start of a value-based paradigm shift.

“A challenge to our business has been the relatively fragmented nature of our local Florida market, with providers, payors, and others working in completely different systems,” said Romine. “By leveraging HOPCo’s turnkey platform, the HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network will provide high-quality health care organizations in the region with the opportunity to rapidly participate in unique value-based care programs in an integrated manner.”

Connecting SOS’s clinical foundation with HOPCo’s Specialty Care Network analytics and care management systems results in a comprehensive and scalable musculoskeletal care management platform in Florida. For more information, visit hopco.com.

About Southeast Orthopedic Specialists

Established in 2001, Southeast Orthopedic Specialists is a regional leader in musculoskeletal care. SOS was founded on the principle of providing high-quality, comprehensive care in the North Florida region. The entire spectrum of orthopedic care is provided to patients including: orthopedic surgery, spine care, physiatry, pain management, chiropractic, podiatry and physical therapy.  Physicians at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists are leading experts in their field with decades of experience, including the completion of multiple fellowships and groundbreaking research.  Visit www.se-ortho.com to learn more.

Phoenix, Arizona (June 14, 2018) – Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the management firm behind the nationally renowned The CORE Institute, today signed a partnership agreement with another stellar name in the field, Northern Arizona Orthopaedics (NAO).

“HOPCo and NAO share a history of commitment to quality clinical outcomes,” said David J. Jacofsky, MD, HOPCo’s Chairman and CEO. “Through this partnership, we will build a unique, clinically integrated experience for the benefit of our patients, our health system partners, and the community at large throughout central and northern Arizona.”

NAO’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and Company President Tim Bonatus, DO called the partnership a new era of collaboration. “We have been impressed with HOPCo’s interest in, and capacity for, clinical innovation and proactive preparation for payor reform, and HOPCo has been impressed with NAO’s brand and corporate culture, the quality of care provided, and the history of leadership in our community.”

Connecting NAO and The CORE Institute’s clinics and surgery centers through HOPCo’s analytics and care management systems results in something unprecedented: a comprehensive orthopedic care management platform stretching from Phoenix to Flagstaff and beyond. All of that is powered by HOPCo’s state-of-the-art healthcare information technology tools, providing real-time data to physicians, assuring the best likelihood of a good outcome for patients, and lowering costs for providers, hospitals, health insurers, and the patients themselves.

Through its relationships with The CORE Institute, The CORE Institute Specialty Hospital, Banner Health and others, HOPCo has developed an international reputation for innovation, research, and delivery of world-class musculoskeletal care.

The management company behind the internationally-renowned The CORE Institute has adopted a new name along with its expanded mission: HOPCo (Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company). And HOPCo is already achieving what few thought was possible: proving one can  provide better outcomes for orthopedic patients while lowering costs for patients, hospitals, and insurers.

“We are perhaps the only highly specialized, vertically integrated company with a proven track record in payor reform strategies including population health management”, says David J. Jacofsky, M.D., HOPCo’s Chairman and CEO. “From managing physician practices in new and unique ways, to partnering with hospitals and payors, HOPCo’s management services are delivering optimum patient care and increased profitability through value creation.  We will take on full population-based risk in the musculoskeletal space based on our platform’s performance.”

To achieve that, HOPCo has created unique, proprietary I.T. tools and decision support platforms that allow physicians and hospitals to easily drive evidence-based medicine, track and prevent complications in real time, and decrease the overall cost of care while aligning physicians, payor, and hospitals.

“We’re now able to produce validated predictive analytics,”, says Dr. Jacofsky, “assuring patients the best likelihood of a good outcome”.

The company’s preeminent role in Clinically Integrated Networks (CIN) is detailed on HOPCo’s new website, hopco.com,  along with its demonstrated success at managing population health through its medical economics team, claims analytic tools, and programs centered around wellness and prevention.

HOPCo’s clients and partners include impressive names such as Banner Health, and The CORE Institute, the largest orthopedic practice in the southwest United States.

In an era of growing uncertainty in healthcare, it seems HOPCo may be just what the doctor ordered.