HOPCo reduces costs and improves outcomes using a first of its kind platform to align providers and patients around clinical best practices, drive outcomes tracking, and utilizes integrated digital engagement tools for members receiving musculoskeletal (MSK) care across Arizona.

PHOENIX (July 9, 2024) – Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the national leader in MSK physician practice management and value-based care solutions, has grown its advanced MSK population health solution by 25%, adding tens of thousands of new members to the program which has proven to lower the total cost of MSK care and improve quality outcomes for members across Arizona.

HOPCo’s proprietary, unified, integrated provider and patient digital engagement platform, evidence-based care delivery infrastructure, and proven value-based care analytics and medical economics platform is being deployed to a growing population of payors and members. HOPCo will use its digitally powered Integrated Care System (ICS) ensuring members with MSK conditions rapidly receive the correct therapies and care with the most appropriate provider and in the most appropriate setting, all while being guided and monitored by MSK clinical experts adhering to evidence-based protocols through a unique combination of omnichannel in-person, virtual, and hybrid interactions. Rather than a point solution for a limited portion of the patient journey, HOPCo’s ICS comprehensively addresses the entire MSK care journey in ways proven to more powerfully and effectively improve quality outcomes and reduce the total cost of MSK care.

Uniquely, HOPCo’s ICS and value-based care platform engages with members and providers across the entire MSK care continuum. That occurs both fully upstream at initial presentation with the primary care providers and with MSK specialists through HOPCo’s statewide clinically integrated network, the HOPCo Specialty Care Network (HSCN). HSCN, the only URAC-accredited MSK CIN in the country, has aligned more than 250 MSK specialty physicians across Arizona around clinical best practices, quality incentive metrics, and real-time claims analytics

“There is a tremendous opportunity to simultaneously leverage the clinical expertise of a large MSK specialty program and a fully integrated digital engagement platform that is powered by sophisticated medical economics and analytics to meaningfully reduce unnecessary costs and improve outcomes for patients with MSK conditions,” said Rina Vertes, FSA, MAAA, President of Value Based Care Solutions at HOPCo.  “HOPCo is excited to see the continued growth of this transformational MSK population health program and its adoption by additional payors looking to deliver greater value to their membership just as we have done throughout other regions.”

About Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo)
Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) is the national leader of integrated musculoskeletal value-based health outcomes management, practice management and health system service line management.  This includes comprehensive expertise across all MSK specialties, including orthopedics, spine, hand, pain management, rehabilitation and neurology.  HOPCo’s integrated care, analytics and facilities development platform has proven to increase the quality of patient care while reliably reducing the total cost of care across the care continuum for practices, health systems and payors alike.  HOPCo’s affiliated payors, practices and health systems successfully participate in highly efficient value-based contracting (bundled payments, population health programs, and other advanced risk-based arrangements) utilizing HOPCo’s proprietary platforms, IT solutions, integrated analytics, and standardized care pathways.  Visit www.hopco.com to learn more


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